What is WHMCS?

WHMCS is a Web Hosting, Billing and Automation Platform. It allows MSPs to manage their end customer service requirements. Within WHMCS there is an add-on module named 'Prism Connect' (not to be confused with rhipe's own 'PRISM Connect' product which connects to ConnectWise and AutoTask). 
WHMCS operates two main features which relate to PRISM involves:
1) The ability for end customers to submit orders for CSP licenses
2) The ability to bill the end customers.

How WHMCS works

1) Partners generate API Client Credentials in PRISM (please see this article for documentation)
2) Partners download the WHMCS module and input their PRISM API credentials.
3) WHMCS makes use of these credentials to call the PRSIM API the same as when a partner is using the PRISM UI.

Known Issues

If products are retired, WHMCS cannot bill end customers or submit quantity changes. This is a particular issue now that legacy Microsoft CSP products have been retired from PRISM.
If an order fails, the WHMCS module will continue to lodge the same order every 5 minutes indefinitely. Since PRISM sends users an email every time an order is submitted and we provide an email explanation if provisioning fails, MSPs can find themselves spammed with emails.
The WHMCS module can become out of sync if the subscription or quantity change was made in PRISM. WHMCS does not synchronise with PRISM so the tool only know about changes that originated in WHMCS. If a resync is required, MSPs must contact WHMCS support (https://www.whmcs.com/support/)
How to request support for WHMCS
Any WHMCS problem should be directed to https://www.whmcs.com/support/

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