What is PRISM Connect?

What is PRISM Connect?

rhipe’s Platform for Recurring Subscription Management (“PRISM”) is used by 3,000+ IT resellers to buy, provision and bill their end-user clients for monthly cloud software subscriptions. PRISM Connect automatically transfers product and billing-related information from your PRISM invoice to your Professional Services Automation (PSA) system. using a secure sync engine. This connectivity eliminates your need to manually create and update the final invoices before sending them to your customers. 

PRISM Connect can sync all monthly products in the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, including Azure. 

PRISM Connect currently allows you to connect your PRISM Portal account through to the following list of PSA Systems:
  1. Connectwise
  2. AutoTask

Prerequisites for setting up PRISM Connect

  1. An active PSA account (This Knowledge Base will walk you through the steps to so), configured
  2. An active Microsoft CSP Agreement with rhipe through the PRISM Portal

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