Usage Reporting in PRISM

Usage Reporting in PRISM

Usage Reporting Programs

On a monthly basis usage reports are required for various programs. Usage reports are required for any of the following programs you are enrolled with. Instructions for each vendor program’s usage reporting are listed below

      • Microsoft SPLA
      • Red Hat
      • Citrix CSP
      • Trend Micro
      • VMware
      • Veeam

Microsoft SPLA, Citrix CSP and Red Hat

Within PRISM, navigate to the ‘Programs’ tab
Locate the relevant vendor program and select ‘Manage

Within the Program tile, you will see Usage Reports listed with the Dashboard.

Each month will have a usage report listed against (for months that the agreement was active). Any pending or open usage reports will appear with a blue ‘Submit Usage’ icon as shown below

To submit a usage report, select the ‘Submit Usage’ icon under the appropriate month.

Within the usage report, you can submit usage select ‘Change Usage.’

Locate the SKUs you wish to submit usage for and update the quantity.

Once all product usage had been added, select ‘Submit Changes’ to review the order prior to full submission

If you need to make a change to the report, select ‘Change Usage’ and follow the previous steps

You can add a Purchase Order Number within this text box, this Purchase Order number will then appear on your invoice

Once ready, select the ‘Submit Usage’ button.

Submit Zero Usage

If there is no usage to be reported, simply select the ‘Submit Zero Usage’ button, this will record your usage as zero with rhipe and the vendor.

Usage Reporting Status

Please see below an overview of all statuses for usage reports and their meaning:

Not Submitted: The usage report is open and pending your submission
Submitted: Usage report has been submitted and is pending to be invoiced (note, there is a 24-hour period between submission and invoice between 1st and 10th of the month)
Complete: Zero usage report has been submitted
Invoiced: Usage report has been submitted and invoiced
Agreement On Hold: Agreement has been placed on hold by rhipe for various reasons (long period of no usage, credit hold), please contact for more information


Navigate to the VCCP Commerce Portal log in Within the Dashboard view, click on the Task number shown under MBO Related. The task would be visible only when
usage reporting for the month is opened by VMware.

In the MBO Pending Report wizard, Enter a Purchase Order.

Expand the Usage Data section, for example: Datacenter and Cloud Infrastructure, Storage and Availability

This section shows all the products and bundles part of each.

Enter the usage against the matching product or Bundle. Review the usage if it is automatically collected through vCloud Usage Insight.
Enter any 'Comments (optional)' for rhipe and VMware to be noted.
Click 'Submit'.


Navigate to the Veeam PULSE Portal and log in
Within the dashboard toolbar, select the ‘Monthly Usage’ drop down and then select ‘My Actions’

Select the link against the month’s usage report you are submitting

Review the ‘Rental Agreement Details’ and ‘Monthly Usage Details’ under the report for accuracy.
Under the ‘Product Usage Details’ you will see a list of products that you currently have licenses for. You can also add products using the search bar, shown as No.1 in screenshot below.
Enter individual usage units against each item under the ‘Current Month Usage’ column. Shown as No.2 in screenshot below.
The point value of each product will then be calculated under the ‘Points’ column; and tallied under ‘Reporting Points’. Shown as No.3 in screenshot below.  
Once all usage has been added, select ‘Save’ and then ‘Submit.

Trend Micro

Navigate to the Trend Micro License Management Portal (LMP)  and log in

Under the dashboard toolbar, navigate to ‘Billing’ and ‘Usage Reports.’

Select the link against the month’s usage report you are submitting

The "Chargeable Units" column will be auto-populated by Trend Micro. This is the field that will be used for verifying compliance and invoicing.

If you adjust the Chargeable Units field, you will be required to add a comment before the usage can be saved.

If a usage report isn’t submitted by the 10th of each month, Trend Micro will auto submit based on chargeable unit.

Non-usage Reporting Programs

On a monthly basis invoicing occurs for the following programs, as these programs are a mixture of consumption or vendor reported usage, no usage reports are required to be submitted by your company. However, you will receive an invoice based on the consumption and/or usage tracked by the vendor. These programs are:

      • Microsoft CSP
      • Nexon
      • Portal Go!
      • LiveTiles
      • Kemp Per Instance
      • Kemp MELA
      • Skykick Backup
      • Skykick Migration
      • Zimbra BSP
      • Docusign
      • Acronis ABC
      • SMX.

Please note that under the Program tile for these programs you can also view and download invoices.

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