Setting Up AutoTask

Setting Up AutoTask

To set up AutoTask as your PSA system through PRISM Connect, please follow the below steps before moving on to the next phase.

Create or Access AutoTask Account

New Account:
  1. Create an AutoTask account by visiting the AutoTask website selecting Get A Demo or requesting pricing

Existing Account:
  1. Log into AutoTask Home and sign in using your previously created credentials. 

Configure AutoTask Security, Contacts and API User

Enable a Custom Security Level

This step is optional; however highly recommended, as it ensures that the API user for the integration will only have access to the minimum set of resources required.

The integration needs access to:
  1. View Companies
  2. View and update contracts
  3. View and update services

  1. Navigate to Admin > Account Settings & Users > Resources/Users > Security Levels
  2. Right-click on the API User (system (API-only) security level and select Copy Security Level

  3. Enter a name for the new security level (e.g. "Rhipe Integration") and note this for later use 
  4. For each security area (e.g. Contracts, CRM), click No Permissions
  5. For CONTRACTS, check Can modify Service/Bundle on contract changes and leave the other checkboxes unchecked, as shown here:

  6. For CRM, configure the settings as follows (All for Customer & Cancellation);

  7. For ADMIN, check Products, Services, & Inventory and leave the rest unchecked, as shown here:

  8. For WEB SERVICES API, ensure Can login to Web Services API is enabled. All other settings can be left unchecked.

Add a Recurring Service Contract

  1. Please follow the Autotask instructions to Add a Recurring Service Contract
Ensure that when creating a service contract for billing in arrears that the contract start date is before the first usage records that will be synced (this will depend on whether they select to sync the "most recent" or "next" invoice when enabling the sync.

To avoid prorated line items on invoiced generated by AutoTask, set the start date of the contract to the first day of the month.

Configure AutoTask API User

An API user will be required to enable PRISM Connect to sync data to AutoTask. Login to the AutoTask portal and perform the following steps: 
  1. In the menu (top left) go to Admin> Resources (Users)
  2. From the Resources view, at the top left, click + New and select New API User
  3. Enter all the required fields for a new user. An email address that is actively monitored should be used in case you get notifications related to this user. Make sure to leave Active checked and Locked unchecked. For the Integration Vendor select ‘Rhipe - Cloud Services

  4. Generate a Username and SecretSave the secret somewhere secure, as you will not be able to view it again after saving. This Username and Secret will be required in PRISM Connect when configuring the AutoTask sync 
  5. Click Save & Close in the top left-hand corner

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