PRISM Sign-In Experience Change

PRISM Sign-In Experience Change

rhipe is releasing a refresh to our sign-in experience, as of the 20th of March 2022. 

Your PRISM login will change to your rhipe Account. Your account details and sign in preferences will stay the same, continuing to give you access to all rhipe applications – the PRISM Portal, PRISM End Customer Portal, PRISM Connect and more. We’ve included a new authenticator app option to provide a code when signing in. We recommend switching to an authenticator app to keep your account secure. Once the new sign-in experience is available, set up an authenticator app (instructions below). Simplify the sign-in experience by linking your workplace account to your rhipe account. You can then sign in and access rhipe applications using your workplace account (instructions below).

Set up an authenticator app


Sign in to PRISM, then select Profile > My profile

Under Authenticator app, select Set up

Scan the QR code with an authenticator app to add your 'rhipe Account'. Then, enter the code displayed in the authenticator app.

When next signing in, you'll be prompted to enter the code for your 'rhipe Account' from the authenticator app.

Link a workplace account


Sign in to PRISM, then select Profile > My profile


Under Linked account, select Learn more


Review the guidance and requirements, then select Sign in with Microsoft


Sign in to your workplace account


Review the permission prompt, then select Allow


The account is linked and a confirmation is displayed


When signing in, use the Sign in with Microsoft option


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