Understanding Sync Results and Failures

Understanding Sync Results and Failures

Sync Results and Failures

You may see sync results on your dashboard, or by navigating to a program:

The dashboard and program screen will show 2 cards with the latest sync results; one for customers and one for products. 

The card will show the date of the last successful sync i.e. the last sync where data could be considered correct. The card also shows the sync counts for the last sync, regardless of its status. The bottom of the card will have a link to review the sync History for this program.

Sync History Screen

Each time the PRISM Connect sync executes a new record is created in the Customer Sync History screen.
The status gives you an idea of what happened for that sync:
  1. No Change – There was no changes or new data to sync
  2. Success - New data from PRISM was successfully synced to the PSA
  3. Warning – New data synced but there were warnings raise, review the items view the details
  4. Error/Failure – There was data to sync but the sync had one or more failures, review the items view the details of the error(s)

Clicking any line item of the View link will take you to the Sync Status screen.

Sync Status Screen

Clicking a view link from the History page, or clicking a link from a failed sync email, you will see the Sync Status screen that lists out the synced items and their individual status as required.

When an error or warning occurs the details will be displayed in line with the subscription where the error/warning occurred. 

NOTE: The PRISM Connect PRISM Connect Troubleshooting section in this knowledge base has information on some of the common warnings and errors, including what actions you can take to rectify them.

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