PRISM Connect Enhancements for New Commerce Experience (NCE) & Legacy

PRISM Connect Enhancements for New Commerce Experience (NCE) & Legacy

PRISM Connect Enhancements for New Commerce Experience (NCE) & Legacy

PRISM Connect is now enabled to support all billing and term motions offered by Microsoft for both Legacy & NCE. This release is available for both ConnectWise & Autotask.

By default, all partners will be opted into Monthly Billing with Monthly Term.

Process to enable other billing and term motions

The following billing and term motions are now supported:
  1. Monthly Billing with Monthly Commitment/Term
  2. Annual Billing with Annual Commitment/Term
  3. Monthly Billing with Annual Commitment/Term 
To add additional product billing and term motions, please follow the below steps:
  1.  Log into the PRISM Portal
  2. On the left-hand navigation bar select Integrations
  3. Then select the PRISM Connect tile

  4. Navigate to your Microsoft CSP agreement on the left hand toolbar under either ConnectWise and/or Autotask and select the cog icon.
  5. Under the Programs > Product Sync Mode select All Products

  6. Then using the drop-down list, tick any/all billing and term motions applicable to your account.

  7. Once completed, select Save at the bottom of the screen.

Impact/Changes to Product List/Sync

Products synced to PRISM Connect that Annual Billing with Annual Commitment/Term and/or Monthly Billing with Annual Commitment/Term will have a prefix on the Product ID/SKU to highlight which billing motion aligns to which SKU. Below are some examples of the prefixes used:
  1. Annual Billing with Annual Commitment/Term = P1Y:A
  2. Monthly Billing with Annual Commitment/Term = P1Y:M
Please note that existing Monthly Billing with Monthly Commitment/Term will not contain any prefixes. 

Please see below example of these prefixes displayed within ConnectWise,

Important Information on managing Billing Motions/Terms

When removing a billing motion/term option from the Product Sync page in the PRISM Connect console, products from the removed billing motion/term will remain and will need to be manually removed from the PSA if you no longer wish for them to be present. 

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