PRISM Connect Limitations & Restrictions

PRISM Connect Limitations & Restrictions

Please see below the list of limitations/restrictions within the PRISM Connect. Any limitations/restrictions that are specific to a PSA system rather than a collective for all PSA Systems will be called out within the title of the limitations/restrictions.

Price Changes
Price changes are not prorated on the line items. Instead, you will receive a warning in the PSA system when a price change is syncing from PRISM, and this will need to be managed in the PSA manually. (This is managed at the PSA level not PRISM Connect)

Date Timeliness
During the month it is only possible to get an estimated cost for a subscription, actual partner and customer costs are not finalised until the monthly invoice is generated. The product will sync automatically when a new invoice is detected and will accurately set quantity and pricing data for subscriptions. However, in between invoices the additions/adjustments will not be an accurate indicator of a subscriptions state in PRISM. This means if a new MS CSP tenant is created and the sync of tenant is configured in the product no Additions and/or Contract Services will be created in the PSA system until the next PRISM invoice is generated which includes the tenant.

Partners with multiple Microsoft CSP Agreements in PRISM
Partners with multiple MS CSP Agreements Partners who have multiple Microsoft CSP Agreements in place (more than one contract agreement with rhipe) are not supported by PRISM Connect. Partners in this scenario who use the product will have no control over which of the rhipe agreements in used for the sync

Annual Subscriptions
PRISM Connect currently does not support syncing of subscriptions that have been purchased on an annual basis. Those subscriptions will be ignored by the synchronisation process.

No Manual Credit or Adjustment Invoices 
Credit Notes, One-Off Invoices and Adjustments are too complicated to reliably automate and may cause issues when invoicing through PRISM Connect.

AutoTask - ‘Recurring Service’ Contracts
For a contract to successfully sync with the PRISM Connect tool the Contract must be a ‘Recurring Service’ contract.

ConnectWise - Prorate Agreements
For an agreement to successfully sync with the PRISM Connect tool the Agreement must be a ‘Prorate Agreement’.

ConnectWise - Agreements using Calendar Year
This product does not support agreements configured to use "Contract Year" in ConnectWise. 

AutoTask - Service field is truncated
The AutoTask service Description and Invoice Description fields have character limits of 400 and 1000 respectively. When the service is created by PRISM Connect, if the field would exceed the character limit, the field is truncated. See the AutoTask help on Services for more information.

ConnectWise - The product description field is truncated
ConnectWise Manage has a 60-character limit on both the Product Identifier and product description fields on the product catalogue. For this reason, products in the MS CSP product catalogue will have their names truncated to fit this field. Unfortunately, some products may appear to be duplicated because the first 60 characters of their name may overlap with another product. This is also the reason that the SKU has been used as the products' identifier.

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