PRISM API Integration

PRISM API Integration

PRISM API Integration

PRISM is built with an API first design. All actions made in the UI can be performed by using the same API

Please find attached the following API documentation:

  • PRISM API - GETTING STARTED.PDF - provides details and samples on how to integrate and consume the PRISM API
  • PRISM API.postman_collection.json - A collection to be imported into Postman. This will assist developers on how to form their API calls.
  • Swagger ( - Details all the methods which can be invoked.
  • Azure Plan Guide PDF - provides details on how to integrate and consume the PRISM API with the changes under Azure Plan
  • NCE Integration Guide PDF  - provides details on how to integrate and consume the PRISM API with the changes introduced through Microsoft's New Commerce Experience (NCE)

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