Cancelation Policy - New Commerce Experience (NCE)

Cancelation Policy - New Commerce Experience (NCE)

New Commerce Experience (NCE) Cancellation Policy:

A Partner / Tenant receives no refund if they want to cancel their subscription after the 7 Day cancellation window. The Partner / Tenant is provided with the option to cancel the subscription within the first 7 days of provisioning the service. After the 7 days cancellation window, the subscription cannot be cancelled for the remainder of the term of the contract. Once a subscription has been cancelled, the subscription cannot be reinstated, if the partner/customer requires the subscription to be activated, they would have to create a new subscription with the new order quantity and the order would be treated as a new NCE order.

NCE Cancellation Policy Summary:
  1. First 7 days of any term: Prorated refund (proration calculated daily).
  2. After the first 7 days of any term:

       No cancellation.

       Reseller and rhipe billed for the full term.

       If seats are added midterm, the same 7 day policy applies to any reduction of additional seats (Support request required).

       As rhipe and reseller will be billed for the full term for any cancellation of licenses outside cancellation window, 12-month and 36-month term subscription licenses should be provisioned and billed annual upfront.

       When a cancellation is complete, the customer will immediately lose access to the service, and it can’t be restored. The state for the subscription will be nonrecoverable.

Please note that this diagram has been created by rhipe using Microsoft's image as source, but updated to include the changes to the cancellation window from 72 hours to 7 days.

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