List of Common Acronyms

List of Common Acronyms

AADAzure Active Directory - Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a cloud-based identity and access management service. This service helps employees access external resources, such as Microsoft 365, the Azure portal, and thousands of other SaaS applications
AADDSAzure Active Directory Domain Services - Azure-managed Active Directory. Designed to be a cloud extension of an on-premise AD environment. Significant restricted functionality, avoid if all possible.
ABCAcronis Backup Cloud
AD Active Directory - LDAP-based identity management system
API Application programming Interface
ARMAzure Resource Manager - Azure’s IaC templating language for deploying resources to Azure. It’s written in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). They contain all of the config options for the resources they are deploying - VMs, App Services, Storage etc. These templates can then be run via the Azure CLI or in an Azure DevOps pipeline.
BSPBusiness Service Provider
BYODBring your own device
CALClient Access License
CDS Cloud Director Service
CHP CloudHealth Platform
CMS Cloud Management Services
CPACustomer program agreement, regarding PRISM
CRMCustomer Relation Management
CSPCloud Solution Provider
DLADirect Line of Access
DPORDirect partner of record
DYN Dynamics 365
EAEnterprise Agreement - Agreement between customer and Microsoft for Azure & product licensing (not CSP)
EA/SAEnterprise Agreement/Software Agreement
ERPEstimated Retail Price
EULAEnd User License Agreement
FPPFull Packaged Product
FTEFull Time Equivalent - 40h/week 
GAGlobal Admin
GB Gigabyte
GSS Global Support Services
IaCInfrastructure as Code - Cloud infrastructure where the resource configurations needed are recorded in templates which are then deployed.
ISVIndependent Software Vendor - Software companies, who produce software or PaaS/SaaS products as their primary business.
LMLicense Mobility
LSPMicrosoft License Solution Provider 
MBO Monthly Billing Order
MBSAMicrosoft Business Service Agreement
MCSMission Critical Support
MFAMulti Factor Authentication
MOPSManaged Operations
MPAMicrosoft Partner Agreement
MPNMicrosoft Partner Network
MRMMessaging records management
MSPManaged service provider - A Company which provides technical services to clients, usually IT-related. 
NDANon-Disclosure Agreement 
NPSNetwork Policy Server
NSGNetwork security group
OSTOnline Services Terms
PALPartner Admin Link - A way to align Microsoft Partner Network ID to a customer’s subscription in order to be recognised for consumption of services
PGAPartner Global Account (Global MPN)
PLAPartner Location Account (Location MPN)
PMCPartner Membership Center
POPurchase Order
PPU Price per Unit
PSOProfessional Services Order
QMTHQualified Multi Tenant Hosting
RDSRemote Desktop Server
RI Reserved Instances - Pre-paying Virtual Machine/Database/Server etc. costs to save money i.e. reserving them in advance. In contrast to PAYG (Pay as you go)
RPORhipe Program Operations
RRPRecommended Retails Price
SALStandard Access License
SKUStock Keeping Unit
SP Service Provider
SPLAMicrosoft Service Provider License Agreement 
SPURServices Provider Use Rights
UM Usage Meter - vCloud Usage Meter is a virtual appliance that is installed on a vCenter Server instance. 
VARValue Added Reseller
VM Virtual Machine
VOIPVoice over IP
vSANVMware Virtual Storage Area Network
VSPP VMware Service provider program - The VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP) is program that allows VMware Partner Network Program participants to offer VMware-based cloud services. 

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