Initial Set-Up of PRISM Connect

Initial Set-Up of PRISM Connect

Accessing PRISM Connect

  1. Log into the PRISM Portal
  2. On the left-hand navigation bar select Integrations
  3. Then select the PRISM Connect tile

Establishing a connection to PRISM

If it is the first time a user from your organisation has accessed the PRISM Connect site, you will be presented with an option to manually configure PRISM API client credentials, or for the Connect application to automatically generate PRISM Client credentials on your behalf.

Either select CONFIGURE CREDENTIALS and fill in your API Client Credentials or click GENERATE NEW CREDENTIALS to have PRISM Connect generate them for you.

Generating PRISM credentials

  1. Enter an email address. This is required by PRISM for reporting.
  2. After clicking GENERATE the system will create new API client credentials on the PRISM platform and the Connections screen will display the green connected status for PRISM.


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