Getting Started with rhipe's PRISM Portal

Getting Started with rhipe's PRISM Portal

What is PRISM?

rhipe’s Platform for Recurring Subscription Management (“PRISM”) is a self-service ordering and billing portal that allows our partners a single pane of glass to manage every program they have with rhipe. 

How to access PRISM Portal

Link to Access PRISM Portal:

Login using details provided by rhipe (if required you can reset your password using the “Reset Password” link above the login button)

Once you are logged in, you will see the main dashboard of your PRISM Portal. The Dashboard provides the view product breakdown doughnut chart of products used

Products & Programs

The list of Products and Programs that you onboard and use via PRISM can be found under the Program's Tab within the PRISM Portal
Please note that the below screenshot shows an example of the programs available, more programs are available from the portal

Please note that some program tiles may be visible for you to enrol in; however, under the program tile, you may be presented with a message that this program isn't available in your region.

Contact Us

If you navigate from the left-hand navigation panel, click on “Contact us”. You will see a list of contact numbers according to your country.

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