PRISM Portal - Managing your Microsoft CSP Program

PRISM Portal - Managing your Microsoft CSP Program

Manage your Microsoft CSP program

To manage your CSP program, select the “Programs” icon on the left-hand navigation. Ensure to click “Manage” on the Microsoft CSP icon to view the program details.

Creating a new tenant

Function to create a new tenant for a customer that is new to Office 365
Click on “Create New Tenant” and fill out the order form with your client’s company information, providing a primary contact within the end client company.
Ensure to select the correct country for your client as this determines which data centre the series are provisioned from.
Click on “Create Tenant” to continue onto the next stage for product selection.

Product Selection
Here you can select the products you would like to provision for your client.
You can either key in the quantity directly or adjust the quantity using the up and down arrows.

Order Overview
Using the overview section on the right, confirm the selected products & associated quantity
Click on “Submit Order” to provision the tenant and purchase the product(s).

Manage an existing Microsoft CSP tenant

The function is used to manage the licenses of a customer with a rhipe CSP Office 365 subscription. Managing the licenses of a tenant originally procured through rhipe Microsoft CSP Program or transition into CSP has never been easier.

Select your customer:
From the “manage existing tenant”, select the drop-down menu to select your customer
Once the customer has been selected, click on “Manage.”

Amend the subscription as needed:
Increase or decrease the quantity of products as needed
Confirm the quantities are correct in the overview section, click on “Submit Order.”

Order Processing:
Once the order has been submitted, you will see the status of the order through the notification icon.

Connect/transition a tenant to rhipe Microsoft CSP

The function is used when a customer has an existing Office 365 subscription through EA, Open Advisor, or purchased directly through Microsoft. This will allow you to sell licenses under the Microsoft CSP Program.

There are a few things to check before you move your customers’ licenses from other licensing channels or from other partners to rhipe Microsoft CSP:

1. To move a tenant with subscriptions from the Open program: First, check the expiry date of your customer's Microsoft online subscription. Move to rhipe CSP program within 30 days upon expiry of your customer's subscription.

2. To move a tenant with subscriptions from Web direct (direct purchase from Microsoft): First, follow the instructions below to transition the tenant and purchase the subscriptions through rhipe. Then, raise your service request online in the Office 365 admin center and ask the billing support team to cancel the subscription, stating that the customer is moving to CSP program so that Microsoft will waive the early termination penalty equivalent to a 1-month subscription.

3. To move subscriptions from other CSP indirect providers or other CSP direct resellers to rhipe CSP: Follow the steps below to transition the tenant and create a subscription with the correct license quantity through rhipe CSP. Then, cancel the subscription with the existing CSP partner. You will need to ensure that your customer's contractual obligation with the previous reseller is fulfilled to avoid any dispute.

4. To move subscriptions from another rhipe CSP reseller to you: Please raise a support case via email to You will need to ensure that your customer's contractual obligation with the previous rhipe CSP reseller is fulfilled to avoid any dispute.

To move subscriptions and licenses to rhipe CSP, you first need to Connect a tenant to rhipe CSP.
First, log into rhipe PRISM Portal, and go to Programs -> Microsoft CSP.

Click Connect Tenant to begin the process of connecting rhipe with your customer who has already purchased Microsoft Online services through other programs or partners before to rhipe CSP. Connect tenant only establishes a relationship between rhipe and your customer tenant. The existing subscription with the previous subscription provider will remain in place until these subscriptions are suspended or terminated.

Enter the name, email and billing address of your customer.

Enter the market category (Corporate, Government, NFP or Education) and contact details of your customer

Enter the license quantity that the customer wishes to purchase via the Microsoft CSP program and click Submit Order. If you are creating an Azure only tenant, click Skip. Also, note that add-ons are only available after you have purchased the main SKUs.

You will now be prompted to get your end customer to log into the rhipe Partner Connect Website using their global administrator credentials. You will also receive a separate email that includes the rhipe Partner Connect Website link that you can forward to your customer’s admin.

The admin of the end customer can proceed to the rhipe PRISM Partner Connect Website using the Partner Connect link. Alternatively, you can also do this on behalf of your customer if you have the login credentials.

Login using the customer’s Global Administrator credentials

Accept the Directory Connection of your tenant.

Confirm the tenant details

Once confirmed, you will be greeted with a sign-in page to your Admin Center - here, you need to accept rhipe as a 'Delegated Admin' to enable rhipe to provision Microsoft online service Licenses for the end customer.

Accept rhipe as a 'Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and Administrator' by ticking 'yes' and click 'Authorise CSP'.

You can see that rhipe is now a CSP Admin under 'Partner Relationships'. Try to refresh the page if you cannot see it.

Return to the rhipe PRISM portal, and you will see that the status of the tenant you just transitioned is now 'Transitioning'. It takes up to an hour for the tenant transitioning process to be completed and the status of the tenant to change to 'Normal'. You will be able to assign licenses to your users after the tenant transitioning process is completed. 

After your licenses have been provisioned, remember to go back to your previous license providers (other CSP, Microsoft etc.) to cancel and suspend the subscriptions following the instructions at the beginning of the article to avoid being double billed.

Price List

You can view your price list by selecting the price list-icon when you are on the Microsoft CSP Program Page.

Managing Subscriptions & Support Plans

Renewing Annual Order Subscriptions (Legacy)

For all annual orders, PRISM now allows you to continue renewal without contacting the rhipe Support team. If you have a customer with annual orders and would like to continue the renewal of the subscription, select 'Manage'.

The red frame will inform you when is the renewal date due. If your customer confirms that they are going to continue renewal, please click "Renew Subscription".

You will receive a notification as below once you click on "Renew Subscription" in the portal.

If the customer does not want to renew the annual subscription, you do not need to perform this action and allow the annual subscription to suspend itself when it hits the due date.

Microsoft Azure

Creating an Azure Subscription

To add an Azure subscription to an existing customer. Go to Prism portal – on the dashboard, click view details under “PROGRAMS IN USE”.

Click the Manage link under Microsoft CSP Program.


Click the Manage link against the customer, where the Azure subscription is to be added.

Click Add new Azure Plan subscription button on the right.

Add a custom unique name for the Azure subscription.

Once the subscription is created, the rhipe support team will run the necessary permissions script in the backend and send a confirmation email to the partner.
This allows a partner to manage the customer’s azure tenant using their own partner center login.

Manage Azure Subscriptions

Go to Microsoft CSP, click on the Tenant you’d like to manage and then click on ‘Manage Subscription' next to the Azure subscription you’d like to update.

Creating Azure Spend Notifications

Go to Manage an Azure Subscription and click on ‘Set Spend Notification’.

A screen will pop on the right-hand side.

Enter the details as requested, limit and the email address that will receive these notifications.

Updating / cancelling existing Azure spend notifications.

Click on Update Spend Notification or Clear Spend Notification to edit or cancel the notification.

Click on the clear spend notification button, and one should see a confirmation popup. Click 'Yes' to continue.

For modifying the existing spend notification, click Update spend notification. This should open the sidebar for adjusting the values. 
One should see a confirmation message popup on the top corner of the screen on the update confirmation.

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