PRISM - Contact Management

PRISM - Contact Management

PRISM Portal - Contact Management
Partners now have the ability to manage their operational and financial contacts with rhipe from within PRISM directly. Contact Management within PRISM is quite straightforward, once you are logged into PRISM, click on the contact management icon from your PRISM menu. 

From here you will be able to view the current contact details for the customer within PRISM.

Within this tab, there are three different types of contacts.

Contact Types

Billing: this contact/s will receive a notification when new invoices are available, and receive a copy of the invoices.
Statement: this contact/s will receive a statement of account notifications of outstanding payments requiring action.
Usage Reporting: this contact/s will receive operational notifications from any programs in PRISM requiring the submission of usage reports, for example Microsoft SPLA or Citrix CSP.
Several contacts can be listed against each contact type, the contact would need to be added against each contact type individually.
•There is a requirement for each contact type to have at least one contact attached to it. An error message will present advising that you are unable to remove this contact until another contact is added to this type.

Steps to create a contact:

  1. Go to the Contact Management Tab
  2. Navigate to the Add Customer Contact heading
  3. Fill in contacts First Name, Last Name, and Email Address
  4. Under Contact Type, expand the drop-down arrow. And select the corresponding contact type that matches the contact you are creating.
  5. Select Save. The contact will then be visible under the respective contact type.

Steps to manage customer contacts:

  1. Navigate to the Contact Management page.
  2. Navigate to the Contact Type section which you would like to manage.
  3. Review the active contacts against this contact type.
  4. Locate the contact that requires removal ( ensuring that there is a second contact already created under this contact type)
  5. Select the remove button to remove the contact from this contact type.

Note: Creating a new tenant requires you to create a customer record in the PRISM Portal. You can view all your customers in the “Customer Management” section on the left-hand navigation pane.

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