Configuring AutoTask

Configuring AutoTask

Connecting AutoTask to PRISM Connect

  1. On the Connections screen of PRISM Connect, click the CONNECT NOW button on the AutoTask card.

  2. Enter the AutoTask API Username and Password. Click to perform a check that the credentials are set correctly. Then click Save

  3. After successfully configuring AutoTask, the Connections page will show green status.

Configure Program Sync Options - Microsoft CSP

You will need to configure which programs to sync to AutoTask. At this stage, only Microsoft CSP is available, but other programs may become available in the future. 
  1. From the Connections screen, click EDIT on the AutoTask card

  2. Toggle the Sync switch in the top right corner to allow syncing and choose your configuration options (more information below), then click SAVE.
  3. Configuration options: 
  4. Product Sync Mode
    1. All Products - all products from the PRISM Program will be synced to AutoTask as Catalogue Items.
    2. In Use Products only - Only products found in your Invoices for the synced Customers will be added.
  5. Sync Azure Subscriptions
    1. Azure usage will result in a contract service with a Quantity of 1. Cost/Unit Price will be set to the line item's prices; the following months usage will be set to zero.
  6. Billing Code
    1. The Billing Code (also known as Service Code) is required for the AutoTask Service. Only Services Codes which are set to Recurring Contract will be available.e
  7. Vendor (optional)
    1. The Vendor Company in AutoTask is associated with the product. A Vendor Company can be used to group services for reporting. 
  8. Email Addresses (optional)
    1. One or more email addresses to receive Notification emails when syncing this program. For example, Sync errors and Price Change warnings

Once you have configured a program to Sync, the program will show as a menu item, allowing you to quickly navigate and configure the program sync.

Product Sync

PRISM Connect will create a service in AutoTask for each product in PRISM Connect, unless the sync mode is In Use Products Only, in which case a subset will be synced based on usage.  

The service name will contain the product SKU and can be renamed after the first sync. The services added by PRISM Connect can be identified by the prefix “PC_” followed by the product SKU. PRISM Connect will continue to update the service based on the service id. Only the service unit price and unit cost will be updated after the first sync. 

If a service is deleted in AutoTask, PRISM Connect will create an equivalent service on the next sync. If a service no longer exists in PRISM Connect, sync will NOT remove the service from AutoTask.  

New services added by PRISM Connect are active. If a service that is synced by PRISM Connect is set inactive, PRISM Connect will continue to sync that service, but the service will remain inactive.  

Configuring Customers

PRISM Connect works by syncing invoices from a PRISM Customer/Tenant to a Contract for an AutoTask account. You must have the AutoTask accounts and contracts set up prior to this step. 
  1. Locate the Prism Customer you wish to map. You may use the sorted headers on the Customers table, or type into the search filter box. Once you have located the Customer, you must first map it to AutoTask before you can turn on Sync. This is the ‘pencil’ icon.

  2. Clicking edit will open a window to map to the existing AutoTask Customer/Agreement.
    • Select target Customer and Agreement from drop down
    • Select from the drop down which Pricing Strategy you wish to use:
      • Sync cost and retail pricing (the default and original strategy)
      • Only sync cost pricing (resulting in only quantity and cost price changes being sent to AutoTask)
      • Don't sync any pricing (resulting in only quantity changes being sent to AutoTask)
      • Don't sync any pricing when updating (behaves like 'Sync cost and retail pricing' for new additions and 'Don't sync any pricing on updates')
    • Select Sync Start Date in UTC time zone
    • If you wish to turn the sync on immediately, ensure the Sync switch is on, otherwise turn it off. If you have turned Sync on, you may SAVE and let the background processing perform the sync, or you may choose to SAVE AND SYNC NOW. Doing so will save the current mapping and immediately perform a sync for this customer.

  3. After setting up the Customer sync, you can preview the Product Sync results by selecting the Products tab 


Billing in Advance 

Billing in advance is not recommended, however, you may be able to achieve it with the following steps.  
1. Sync the most recent invoices for a customer in AutoTask 
2. Manually update the ContractService to ensure quantities are correct 
3. At the start of the billing period, update the quantity to the quantity from the previous step 
4. Generate the invoice.  

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