Co-Termination - New Commerce Experience (NCE)

Co-Termination - New Commerce Experience (NCE)


Note: To co-terminate a subscription, the first prerequisite is to have an existing subscription under the same tenant.

To add a new subscription with cotermination, navigate to the manage tenant and select Add New Subscription 

Under the new subscription page, select the product to which you would like to subscribe to and increase the quantity. Once quantity is increased, the estimated monthly spend would be calculated and the option to choose commitment term and end date alignment(co-termination) is available for selection.

Note: If your commitment term is monthly, PRISM provides you with the option to choose all monthly date options available to co-terminate on.

Note: If your commitment term is Annual, PRISM provides you with the option to choose only from available date options to co-terminate on.

Click on submit Order once your preferred commitment term and co-termination dates are picked.

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